Tuesday, 13 February 2018


One of my friends became grandparents last year and I have just completed a cot sized quilt for her. I began it in December and did most of the construction in January.  I also managed to make a label for the back.

The squares are in a Lewis & Irene fabric mix. I added the spotty material from my stash and the backing was also from the same source. I delivered it yesterday as I love it so much I had to part with it immediately or it would have stayed here.

Monday, 5 February 2018


My workshop at the weekend to make a clam shell box was very interesting with all the measurements to fit around my book.  My cover paper was only A4 size therefore not quite big enough for my small box on all sides. I had to glue the papers together but it is a first attempt , if I do another I will make paper large enough to cover entirely.

 My book within the box. I have used book cloth to line the inside and two different but similar papers on the outside. I did go wrong with the measurements for the top cover as it is too deep.  I'm not sure if I will attempt another one.
Coke Pens - I was reminded of these pens by my friends blog, which we first came across at an Amanda Hyslop day. I had a small tonic water can in the recycling and found it was ideal to make 4 pens.  My afternoon will now be to practice using them in a sketch book.

Maybe I should have the can design on the inside of the pens?

Wednesday, 31 January 2018


The doll began its creation in November at our textile meeting, the stuffing of limbs and body took ages at home before I could move on the making the full doll.
January has seen the jewellery appear and finally a small tutu.

She has very shapely legs like a dancer.  The face is a bit basic with the gel pens bleeding into the fabric but not bad for a first attempt.



A larger version of the concertina Coptic bound book made in class and a large soft backed book.
Doing practice books to ensure I remember the process and hopefully improve with each one.

The larger one worked well but the stitching on the spine could be straighter, either I misjudged my jig or my paper sizes varied fractionally.

I have added the trimmings to the top right hand corner of pages to make a little extra decoration matching the cover papers.
The papers were created using Brusho powder, I love the effect I get from this technique.
Next class at the weekend making a clam shell box for the new book.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Concertina Coptic book

Our last class with Joan was interesting as we did not prepare any papers or grey board beforehand.  Her suggestion was to make a small book which most of us did, measuring 3 X 2.5 inches.  I had cover paper prepared which was only A4 therefore the siz was ideal.
We cut board then 4 papers. Concertina the paper and made a jig for holes ready to stitch. We were shown books with two rows of stitch but three made the book stronger.

I hope to make another before our next meeting.!!!!

Friday, 8 December 2017

Clothed Alfie the Rabbit

I've been struggling with clothes for Alfie in the last few days.  Not easy making something so tiny.

The shirt was the hardest to get sitting on his body properly.. 
I have now begun boots for him in felt, a little easier than fabric.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Practice assembly at home for the tree.  I did look at other trees but most were 6 foot high and I would have had difficulty reaching the top of them at the church when dressing them, I decided on this one at 1.2 meters.we have a good selection of cats to decorate it, everyone worked very hard to produce them. Thank you to all members of CATs.  The festival begins on Saturday 2 - 10 December daily from 10 until 4.  I'll be there a couple of half days stewarding, it's well worth a visit, getting everyone in the mood for the festive season.