Saturday, 28 April 2018

Minnie Mouse

I've been busy making another felt animal in recent weeks, I managed to complete dressing her, including shoes, handbag and French knickers.
I have just cut out another body in pale grey/blue to be displayed in our exhibition in August.  In the past I did not enjoy working with small items but I have become hooked on them.  The collar on the dress was a bit of a fiddle but I made it in the end.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Weekend Entertainment

Amongst doing other things I have used to poor weather days to produce these dandelion pieces for our group journals. It began with one two months ago on the same theme, progressed to a second month, when I reviewed my fabrics and decide to continue with the designs. They are not all going in journals I am considering put some in our summer exhibition, possible taking photos of some for cards.  Each design is slightly different and of. Course I have sneaked in my favorite colour in some of them along with green the other one.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing these once I motivated myself.there is another piece of space dyed fabric so there may be more on the horizon.
I must get down to preparing my Bookmaking papers for Saturday now!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Evening Amusement

I have decided I must try harder with the items I put in the C.A.T.s travelling journals. Therefore I've been busy stitching for a couple of evenings with the following results

I have been using Effie Mitrofanis's book Needleweaving and Embroidery Embellishments as inspiration and a guide.
I now need to find or do some artwork to accompany this pieces.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Playing Sunday

I've been busy in recent weeks painting and drawing moving on to Lino cuts which I have printed today
With the following results.  Not sure about the birds may take a bit more away from the background.

The houses are getting stitches next with a fence in front and some machine stitches.

My inktense painting of a small business card. Picked up at craft at Christmas in Skipton.
Must get on and do some stitching too as I have a Coolcrafting mouse to make and two journals to complete this month.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


One of my friends became grandparents last year and I have just completed a cot sized quilt for her. I began it in December and did most of the construction in January.  I also managed to make a label for the back.

The squares are in a Lewis & Irene fabric mix. I added the spotty material from my stash and the backing was also from the same source. I delivered it yesterday as I love it so much I had to part with it immediately or it would have stayed here.

Monday, 5 February 2018


My workshop at the weekend to make a clam shell box was very interesting with all the measurements to fit around my book.  My cover paper was only A4 size therefore not quite big enough for my small box on all sides. I had to glue the papers together but it is a first attempt , if I do another I will make paper large enough to cover entirely.

 My book within the box. I have used book cloth to line the inside and two different but similar papers on the outside. I did go wrong with the measurements for the top cover as it is too deep.  I'm not sure if I will attempt another one.
Coke Pens - I was reminded of these pens by my friends blog, which we first came across at an Amanda Hyslop day. I had a small tonic water can in the recycling and found it was ideal to make 4 pens.  My afternoon will now be to practice using them in a sketch book.

Maybe I should have the can design on the inside of the pens?

Wednesday, 31 January 2018


The doll began its creation in November at our textile meeting, the stuffing of limbs and body took ages at home before I could move on the making the full doll.
January has seen the jewellery appear and finally a small tutu.

She has very shapely legs like a dancer.  The face is a bit basic with the gel pens bleeding into the fabric but not bad for a first attempt.